Martí develops his teaching practice in two different lines that they constantly influence each other.


Movement line: taking as starting point and focussing on each individual body, it explores rhythm, weight, dynamics, space and voice as tools to discover new ways and paths of movement. The origen is the efficiency and practicality in using our bodies. The goal is the own journey of investigation. An instigating walk through the unusual, the subjective, the surprise and the challenge against acquired habits. A constant exploration of the body through different dance techniques and improvisation methods with the aim of expanding the landscapes of the movement and cultivating curiosity. 


Performance line: the aim on this workshop is sharing different tools and exercises used by Martí in his experience as interpret and creator and his collaborations with many different artist from various art fields. The use of the body as a tool but exploring text, theatrical exercises, sound and any different elements that can be stimulating,  in order to figure out what is the best direction to take regarding what we are trying to build and communicate will be the first step. Through games, dynamic exercises and exploring the limits of our bodies and mind trying to collect as many sources that are suitable for each individual. The second step will consist in putting these tools in practice. Working on the awareness of being on a scenic space, both in solo work and collective work, how the decisions making affect and influence the space and the people around you. 


Trained and influenced by different dance techniques such as florwork, flying low, contact parter work, release, limon, counter technique, improvisation… and very influenced by music, cinema, literature in his path, both as performer and creator Martí is interested in finding new ways of expression through each individual. 

Understanding that everyone is unique and everyone has something to express and share we will try to facilitate and discover the ways to do it. 

  • Workshops and classes for professional dancers.

  • Movement professional classes for different dance and theater companies (Compagnie Linga, Cielo Raso, Teatro de Açúcar, Foco Cia de Dança…)

  • Conductor of improvisation sessions towards improvisation performance with structures with artists from different art field (Roundabout Collective in Scotland, Punto de Encuentro, Euskadi…)

  • Workshops and classes for actors and Circ artists. 

  • Classes with elders +60 (Euskadi)

  • Workshops around community work, with non professional dancers or actors to bring dance and theaters in places that it is not so accesible.

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